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Two T206 Eddie Plank Variation Including Piedmont Back

(Sotheby's Barry Halper Auction - September 23-29, 1999)

Eddie Plank is one of the great rarities of the famous T206 white bordered tobacco card set. The first of these two Plank cards is in fair condition, with a slightly irregular cut and some paper loss to the Sweet Caporal brand reverse. This low-grade example is ideal for display with the second Plank, which is a unique color variation. This second card has a white background, whereas all other known examples have a rich blue background, with a slightly irregular cut which suggests it may have long ago been cut from a sheet; but it is otherwise in very good-to-excellent condition. It is likely that this color variation has been caused by a printing error wherein the card escaped the blue portion of the printing process. The variation card has a Piedmont back. The pair are presented in a custom-made, leather folding solander case.

Estimated Price: $5,000 - $10,000
Final Bid including 15% buyer premium: $18,400


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