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  Checklist - Hall Of Famers

Hall Of Famers Checklist

15. Home Run Baker
29. Jake Beckley
32. Chief Bender (Pitching No Trees In Background)
33. Chief Bender (Pitching Trees In Background)
34. Chief Bender (Portrait)
51. Roger Bresnahan (Portrait)
52. Roger Bresnahan (With Bat)
56. Mordecai Brown (Chicago On Shirt)
57. Mordecai Brown (Cubs On Shirt)
58. Mordecai Brown (Portrait)
76. Frank Chance (Batting)
77. Frank Chance (Portrait Red Background)
78. Frank Chance (Portrait Yellow Background)
86. Jack Chesbro
90. Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh Holding Bat)
91. Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh Portrait)
94. Ty Cobb (Portrait Green Background)
95a. Ty Cobb (Portrait Red Background)
95b. Ty Cobb (Portrait Red Background Ty Cobb Back)
96. Ty Cobb (Bat Off Shoulder)
97. Ty Cobb (Bat On Shoulder)
99. Eddie Collins (Philadelphia)
100. Jimmy Collins (Minneapolis)
109. Sam Crawford (Throwing)
110. Sam Crawford (With Bat)
117. George Davis (Chicago)
148. Hugh Duffy
160. Johnny Evers (Portrait)
161. Johnny Evers (With Bat Chicago On Shirt)
162. Johnny Evers (With Bat Cubs On Shirt)
170. Elmer Flick
189. Clark Griffith (Batting)
190. Clark Griffith (Portrait)
218. Miller Huggins (Hand At Mouth)
219. Miller Huggins (Portrait)
226. Hughie Jennings (One Hand Showing)
227. Hughie Jennings (Both Hands Showing)
228. Hughie Jennings (Portrait)
229. Walter Johnson (Pitching)
230. Walter Johnson (Portrait)
238. Addie Joss (Pitching)
239. Addie Joss (Portrait)
241. Willie Keeler (Portrait)
242. Willie Keeler (Batting)
243. Joe Kelley
262. Nap Lajoie (Portrait)
263. Nap Lajoie (Throwing)
264. Nap Lajoie (With Bat)
294. Rube Marquard (Hands At Thighs)
295. Rube Marquard (Pitching Follow Through)
296. Rube Marquard (Portrait)
298. Christy Mathewson (Dark Cap)
299. Christy Mathewson (Portrait)
300. Christy Mathewson (White Cap)
309. Iron Man McGinnity
311. John McGraw (Finger In Air)
312. John McGraw (Glove At Hip)
313. John McGraw (Portrait No Cap)
314. John McGraw (Portrait With Cap)
385. Eddie Plank
445. Tris Speaker
474. Joe Tinker (Bat Off Shoulder)
475. Joe Tinker (Bat On Shoulder)
476. Joe Tinker (Hands On Knees)
477. Joe Tinker (Portrait)
482. Rube Waddell (Portrait)
483. Rube Waddell (Throwing)
486. Honus Wagner
487. Bobby Wallace
488. Ed Walsh
492. Zack Wheat
502. Vic Willis (Pittsburg)
503. Vic Willis (Throwing)
504. Vic Willis (With Bat)
510. Cy Young (Cleveland) (Glove Shows)
511. Cy Young (Cleveland) (Bare Hand Shows)
512. Cy Young (Cleveland) (Portrait)

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