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Unusual Factory Marks - Polar Bear back with Partial Frameline Missing

Written by T206museum (July 2009)

Polar Bear backs with Partial Frameline Missing

Showing above are Polar Bear backs with partial frameline missing. For those advance collectors who know about this variation believe the missing outer frameline is caused by card doctoring (using chemicals cleaning off tobacco stains). However, genuine Polar Bear backs with partial frameline missing do exist and they do consistently be found on the same players which believe they were from the same sheet. The actual cause of this variation is unknown and it could be an indication of printing plate starting to break down or it could be an isolated incident which only happened on a few sheet due to uneven application of blue ink. One additional note worth to mention is all those cards known to be found with this variations are from the 350/460 series which were closer to the end of the T206 production.

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