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Mysterious of Slow Joe Doyle - Joe Doyle N. Y. with Remnant Mark Variation

Written by T206museum (Sept. 2009)

Joe Doyle N. Y. with Remnant Mark Variation

With only roughly half a dozen authentic T206 Joe Doyle N.Y. Nat'l known to exist, even if you have money, owning one of them is close to impossible since they are rarely available for sale. However, there is a Joe Doyle N.Y. with remnant mark variation which is a relative of the genuine Joe Doyle N.Y. Nat'l version.

In the image shown above, the lower Joe Doyle N.Y. has a remnant mark (as circled in red) to the right of the dot after the "Y". This remnant mark believes to be a partial "N" of "Nat'l" lettering which caused by the printer who didn't entirely scratched off the whole "Nat'l" from the printing plate after they realized they mixed up the image of Joe Doyle and Larry Doyle. This extra remnant mark actually got caught and corrected later on but the printer overdone the scratching and created another "missing dot" variation which will be covered in another topic.

If you have similar specimens or any questions, please contact f-a-q@t206museum.com

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