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The Finest T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb Back In Existence "Possibly a Proof"

(Robert Edward Auctions - March 10, 2001)

Robert Edward Auctions is featuring The Finest T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb Back In Existence. The following is the description:

The T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back is universally recognized as one of card collecting's greatest rarities. There are currently twelve T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb backs known to exist. Of these, this example is, in our opinion, by far the finest in existence. Close examination of the card has led us to the definitive conclusion that this example is, in fact, actually a proof card which was saved by the printer or someone else closely involved in the printing process. The primary evidence for this conclusion is that the card has no glossy surface coating which is a characteristic of all other examples. While not noted in any reference guide, the surface of every T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back (with the exception of this unique example) has a glossy coating not unlike a clear shellac, which was applied to the surface as part of the production process. (Another tobacco card issue of the 1910 era which also shares this "glossy coat" quality is the T213-2 Coupon Tobacco series). The offered card was pulled from production prior to this final process, and has never had the glossy surface coating applied. In addition, close examination reveals a very slightly irregular hand cut (as opposed to machine cut) which is further evidence that this card is a proof which was pulled from production by the printer, quite possibly as a sample. The fact that this is a proof and was never actually packaged with tobacco is probably largely responsible for its survival in such extraordinary condition (especially for a Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back). The card is crisp, bright and clean, both front and back, with perfect registration, no creases, and just a hint of wear to each corner. The existence of this card has long been rumored, but this is its first public appearance at auction. Robert Edward Auctions has known of this card for many years, and has always accounted for its existence both with reference to the number of T206 Cobb with Cobb back cards known, as well with reference to condition. For example, when Robert Edward Auctions offered a Vg to Vg-Ex Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back which sold for $36,098 in our July 2000 sale, we referred to that example as, in our opinion, the third finest in existence. The second finest example was also sold by Robert Edward Auctions and appeared as Lot #14 in our June 1997 sale. Graded Vg-Ex, that card sold for $32,598. Over the past thirty years Robert Edward Auctions has handled the sale of almost every T206 Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back in existence. It is a very special privilege for us to be chosen to offer this most extraordinary example of this legendary rarity to the collecting world in this auction.

Minimum Bid: $15,000
Final Bid including 15% buyer premium: $49,223


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