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A Unique No "B" Wagner has been stolen -- Owner is seeking for help

A T206 collector purchased a unique T206 Heinie Wagner (bat on left shoulder) error card in August 2000. The seller claims he has tried to send the card to the buyer twice and it somehow got lost during the shipping in the second try. The buyer still haven't receive the card and seeking for help

The card (as shown above) is missing the magenta ink similar to the famous No "B" Sweeney error. Such error is caused by the magenta ink ran dry or something got between ink and cardboard. This error card is in excellent condition and with unique light brown stains on the card front. Collectors can easily distinguish from another no "B" Wagner if there is another exist. Please be alert for this card. If you have any information of this card please email us and we will contact the new owner.

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