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Email from NASA (Part II)

Written By T206museum.com (June, 2001)

The following article is copied and pasted from an email the President of NASA, Guy Stopard, sent to us on June 8, 2001.

"Hello, I am the owner of NASA Grading... the article you have submitted is a true article. When I first started I was approached with a Wagner card from Joe Strong, not knowing how to authenticate it I tried checking around with little success...the newspaper somehow found out and asked if they could take a picture and write an article, which Mr. Strong agreed to. Later it was put on Ebay and received a bid of $15000.00 from an auction house in the US. I told them I could not authenticate the card and it would be removed from the case. They said if I could put a 1 on it they would give Mr. Strong $15000.00 and myself $5000.00 for bringing it to them. I told them after receiving numerous pictures of the Honus Wagner card I didn't believe it was real and would not grade it, as it was in my posession. The card was then taken out of the case and is not graded nor will it be, at least not by us. Mr. Strong still has it."

"The other Wagner that I just graded a 1 and did not authenticate, I believe it to be real. However as I stated I could be wrong. I have never admitted to being an authority on the Wagner card. I only graded the condition of the card and gave a personal opinion, which I clearly stated. I have never been accused of giving higher grades than which an article deserves, infact the opposite. I would never grade an altered or trimmed card. I have tried to maintain the highest of integrity in all my dealings. I can give you reference after reference if you would like. I have a great respect for the industry. I have been collecting for many years and know what dishonesty can do in the business. I have since decided to never grade a card for condition alone. This has been an eye opener for me and I hope because of it my service will be better. But I still believe I did nothing wrong as I explained myself in documenting what I did....Thank you for reading this and if you would like to contact me or if anyone else would concerning this matter (and no one has) I did have one phone call asking if I would grade another and I said it would have to be proved 100% genuine. They never sent it. I also had one phone call asking about the last card up for auction I again told them I would not authenticate it and explained why and gave him my personal opinion. For this my business is being trashed...How many complaints have other graders had and no one is trashing them in such a manner. Again please contact me if you need any further information...Respectfully, Guy Stopard."


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