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T206 backing theory remains unchanged

Written By T206museum.com (October, 2001)

Not so long ago, we wrote an article regarding to a SGC graded T206 Christy Mathewson with Red Hindu back that almost re-write the T206 backing combination theory. For that article please click here.

A while back, we received an email from Derek Grady, Vice-President & Senior Grader of SGC. Derek notified us the Red Hindu back Mathewson graded by them was taken off the market. Since they have re-examined the card and they feel the card has been rebacked and not original. They bought the card off the market with no loss incurred by the owner of the card.

In our opinion, even though SGC made a grading mistake on this specimen, they are still the leader in grading vintage cards. As we all aware, there are many known mistakes in other major grading companies holders. SGC is trying their best for perfection in their grading. With the growing technology in restoration, restored specimens could get through any expert graders.


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