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Another "No B" Variation -- Bowerman

Written by T206museum (January, 2004)

For many years, serious collectors are aggressively looking for new T206 variations to complete their "never ended" T206 set. Some collectors disagree those new found variations should ever be included in the checklist but many serious set builders are willing to pay big bucks on unique variations. Either way, T206 with rare variations are very tough to come by and many of those are one-of-a-kind. They are all very helpful in the research of the history and printing process of T206.

There is a recent found of a T206 Frank Bowerman with a missing Boston Red Sox "B" on the jersey. After seeing this card, the first impression would lend you to think such card is just another missing magenta ink specimen similar to the infamous T206 Bill Sweeney "No B" variation. Upon closer inspection, the magenta ink did printed onto the card as shown on his lip and face but the Boston "B" logo is completely missing.

One thing worth to mention here is the infamous five cards T206 Wagner uncut proof strip that also has the Bowerman proof that is missing the Boston "B" on his jersey. It is possible this "No B" Bowerman was one time being considered as the standard design but got changed afterwards. However, we might need to find a few more "No B" Bowerman to support this theory. This new found "No B" Bowerman has a clean Piedmont back.


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