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The Largest Display of Wagner cards in Cleveland National 2004

Sports Collectors Digest (June 4, 2004)

When this year's Silver Anniversary edition of The National arrives in Cleveland's IX Center (July 21-25, 2004) - its third visit to Cleveland in the 25 years - it will again feature a remarkable offering of cards, yearbooks, equipment, toys, photographs, autographs, figurines, vintage advertising, books and magazines. It remains a celebration of the sports memorabilia hobby, one of the country's biggest hobbies, spread over some 800 dealer tables.

The Holy Grail of collecting, the legendary T206 Honus Wagner card, will not only be at the show again in 2004, but MastroNet and PSA are teaming up to assemble the largest display of the 1909 Wagner cards ever exhibited, including the one that sold for $1.265 million at auction and was owned by former NHL hockey great Wayne Gretzky. No one knows how many Wagner cards are really out there - perhaps as few as 50 - and this will be the first display of a large number of them, on loan, together.

The famed $1.265 million T206 Honus Wagner card (above) returns to the 25th National three years after being exhibited at the 2001 Cleveland National by its new owner, Brian Seigel (right) and the man who sold the card for that princely sum, Michael Gidwitz (left) with the unique Wagneresque T-shirt.


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