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T206 Ghost Overprint Front

The image showing above is a T206 Sweeney, Boston with a ghost Old Mill negative image overprinted on card front.

Back brand overprinted on card front was not uncommon due to wet sheet stacked on top of each other and wet ink got transferred onto the sheet underneath. However, most of those back overprint front specimens only have a blurry or incomplete negative image of the back brand. (As shown at those two Piedmont overprint front below)

What is so unique in this Sweeney overprint front is the high clarity of the negative Old Mill image. The fine details on the frame line and every bit of the words can be easily read. This overprint specimen doesn't seem can explain by the "wet sheet transfer" theory. Needless to say, this Sweeney card also has an Old Mill back.

Similar mystery also have seen on player's front image overprinted on the card back. The true reason caused such unique overprint error may remain as mystery forever.


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