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#2, T206 Partial Set + No B Variations

This collection has 412 cards in total (Partial set of 409 cards + 3 rare variations).

Partial set consists of four PSA graded Ty Cobb cards, Southern Leaguers, HOFers and other stars. It is a great start for T206 set builder with 81% completed. Backs include Carolina Brights, Old Mill, Piedmont, Polar Bear, Sovereign, Sweet Caporal and Tolstoi. Many cards are being displayed on our T206 Set Gallery.

Three rare variations: Fred Beck "No B", Tubby Spencer "No B" and Tom Downey "Yellow Brown Scrap". These "No B" variations are very tough to find and a recent auction for a group of three T206 errors sold for $9000 & T206 Yellow Brown printer scrap sold for $2900 & $2350.

Graded Cards (11): Cobb/port red PSA 4 VG-EX, Cobb/bat off PSA 3 VG, Cobb/port green PSA 2 GD, Cobb/bat on PSA 1 PR-FR, Doyle (Throwing) SGC 30, Duffy SGC 1.5, McCauley SGC 50, Revelle SGC 2.5, Ritter PSA 3, Westlake SGC 40, White SGC 40.
Rare Variations (3): Beck (No B), Downey (Yellow Brown scrap), Spencer (No B).
HOFers & Other stars: Baker (GD), Bender/port (GD), Bender/pitching no trees (VG), Bender pitching w/ trees (PR), Bresnahan/port (GD), Bresnahan/with bat (GD), Brown/port (GD), Brown/Chicago on shirt (VG), Brown/Cubs on shirt (PR), Chance/port yellow (VG), Chance/port red (PR), Chase/port blue (FR), Chase/port pink (VG-EX), Chase/trophy (EX), Chase/throwing (VG-EX), Cicotte (VG), Clarke/port (PR-FR), Clarke/batting (FR), Eddie Collins (VG), Crawford/throwing (GD), Crawford/batting (FR), Evers/port (GD), Evers/Chicago on shirt (FR), Evers/Cubs on shirt (VG), Flick (VG), Griffith/port (GD-VG), Griffith/batting (GD-VG), Huggins/port (VG), Huggins/hands at mouth (FR), Jennings/port (GD-VG), Jennings/one hand showing (FR, marked in pen), Jennings/two hands showing (EX), Johnson/port (GD), Johnson/pitching (VG), Joss/pitching (EX), Keeler/port (PR), Lajoie/port (FR), Lajoie/batting (PR), Lajoie/throwing (PR), Marquard/hands at thighs (GD), Marquard/port (VG-EX), Mathewson/white cap (VG), Mathewson/dark cap (GD), McGinnity (VG-EX), McGraw/glove at hip (PR), Tinker/port (VG), Tinker/hands on kness (GD), Tinker/bat off (VG-EX), Tinker/bat on (GD), Waddell/port (PR), Waddell/throwing (GD), Wallace/port (PR), Walsh (GD), Willis/port (GD), Willis/batting (GD-American Beauty), Willis/throwing (FR), Young/port (PR), Young/bare hand shows (FR), Young/glove showing (VG). Grades 3% EX, 10% VG-EX, 24% VG, 20% GD, 22% FR, 21% PR.

Price: Email f-a-q@t206museum.com if you are interested.

#1, T206 Near Complete Set (520 of 524) including rare Demmitt and O'Hara

5% range from Vg to Vg-Ex, 45% range from Gd to Gd-Vg, 50% range from Pr to Fr-Gd (includes a few with slight trim). Near-complete 1909-1911 T206 set (520 of 524), missing only Wagner, Plank, Magie and Doyle NY Nat'l for completion. The T206 set is highlighted by seventy-four Hall of Famers, including four Ty Cobb cards, three Christy Mathewsons, two Walter Johnsons, three Cy Youngs, as well as many rarities. This set includes the rare St. Louis varieties of Demmitt and O'Hara, and the scarce forty-eight-card Southern League series. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a very attractive complete set of T206, the premier 1910-era tobacco-card set, without spending the fortune that this set would cost in a higher grade, or the considerably higher amount that it would almost certainly cost to put this set together one card at a time. Although in mixed grade, this is still a very pleasing and extremely impressive set, with most cards having bright colors and crisp focus as originally issued. Ten different tobacco advertising brands are represented in this set (including Brown Hindu, American Beauty, Cycle, Sovereign, El Principe De Gales, Tolstoi, and Polar Bear).

The Hall of Famers and key cards are each graded individually. We have selected 14 cards among the numerous highlights to be encapsulated and graded by SGC. Keys: Baker (Polar Bear, Pr), Beckley (Gd-Vg), Bender/no trees (Polar Bear, Fr), Bender/trees (Gd-Vg), Bender/port. (Pr), Bresnahan/port. (Gd-Vg), Bresnahan/bat (Gd), G. Brown/Wash. (Pr), Brown/Chi. (Polar Bear, trimmed, o/w Gd), Brown/Cubs (trimmed, o/w Vg-Ex), Brown/port. (Vg), Chance/bat (Gd), Chance/red (Pr-Fr), Chance/yellow (El Principe De Gales, Fr-Gd), Chesbro (pinhole on top, o/w Vg), Cicotte ("Black Sox", slight trim, o/w Gd), Clarke/bat (Gd), Clarke/port. (Vg), Cobb/green (SGC POOR 10), Cobb/red (Polar Bear, SGC POOR 10), Cobb/bat off (Polar Bear, SGC GOOD 30), Cobb/bat on (SGC FAIR 20), Collins/Phila. (miscut along the bottom border, o/w Gd), Collins/Minn. (Gd), Crawford/throw (Pr-Fr), Crawford/bat (Old Mill, Gd-Vg), Dahlen/Brooklyn (Vg), G. Davis (Old Mill, Pr), Demmitt/St. Louis (SGC GOOD 30), Duffy (Polar Bear, o/w Gd-Vg), Elberfeld/port., Wash. (hole punch in the upper left, o/w Vg), Evers/port. (Gd-Vg), Evers/Chi. (slight trim, o/w Gd), Evers/Cubs (Gd-Vg), Flick (Gd-Vg), Gandil ("Black Sox," trimmed, o/w Gd), Griffith/bat (Polar Bear, o/w Vg-Ex), Griffith/port. (Pr-Fr), Huggins/hands (Gd-Vg), Huggins/port. (Gd), Jennings/one hand (Polar Bear, Gd-Vg), Jennings/both hands (Fr), Jennings/port. (Fr), Johnson/hands (SGC FAIR 20), Johnson/port. (SGC POOR 10), Joss/pitching (Vg), Joss/port. (Fr), Keeler/port. (Gd), Keeler/bat (SGC VG 40), Kelley (Polar Bear, slight trim, o/w Gd-Vg), Kleinow/Bost. (Polar Bear, trimmed, otherwise Gd), Lajoie/port. (two pinholes on top, o/w Gd), Lajoie/throw (miscut on the bottom border, o/w Gd-Vg), Lajoie/bat (SGC VG 40), Lundgren/Chi. (El Principe De Gales, Pr), Marquard/hands (Gd-Vg), Marquard/pitch (Gd), Marquard/port. (name and team trimmed off the bottom, o/w Gd-Vg), Mathewson/dark cap (Pr-Fr), Mathewson/port. (SGC GOOD 30), Mathewson/white cap (SGC VG 40), McGinnity (slightly trimmed, o/w Gd), McGraw/finger (Vg), McGraw/glove (Gd-Vg), McGraw/no cap (Gd), McGraw/cap (Old Mill, slight trim, o/w Gd-Vg), O'Hara/St. Louis (SGC FAIR 20), Smith/Chic. & Bos. (Polar Bear, slight trim, o/w Gd), Speaker (SGC GOOD 30), Tinker/bat off (Gd), Tinker/bat on (Gd), Tinker/knees (Fr), Tinker/port. (Pr), Waddell/port. (Vg), Waddell/throw (Fr), Wallace (Gd), Walsh (Gd-Vg), Wheat (Polar Bear, two punched holes, o/w Gd), Willis/Pitt. (Gd-Vg), Willis/bat (Vg), Willis/throw (trimmed, o/w Gd), Young/glove (Gd), Young/bare hand (Gd), and Young/port. (SGC VG 40). A very attractive mixed-grade near-complete set of the 1910 era's most classic tobacco-card issue, representing an outstanding collector value. This set has a tremendous break value.

Grades 5% (Vg to Vg-Ex), 45% (Gd to Gd-Vg), 50% (Pr to Fr-Gd includes a few with slight trim)

Price: SOLD
Email f-a-q@t206museum.com if you are interested.

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