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=== (Murray / McElveen Error Pair) ===

-- T206 Red Murray (Batting) on front
-- with Upside Down T206 Pryor McElveen red image overprint
-- The Murray on the left has multi-strikes overprint of Murray
-- The one on the left has Piedmont 350 back
-- The one on the right has Sweet Caporal 350 back
for both

-- T206 Chappie Charles
-- Charles overprint image on front
-- Piedmont 350 back

-- T206 George Moriarty (missing red and gray colors)
-- with Upside Down T206 Cecil Ferguson black color image overprint
-- Piedmont 350 back

-- T206 George Moriarty
-- Moriarty overprint image on front

-- T206 Zack Wheat and Doc Crandall Test Strips (2 cards)
-- with Pelty/Burch/Crawford Overprints

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