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  T.E.N. Size Sleeves

"T.E.N. Size Sleeves" are now in stock !!!

$$$ Please email your name, full address and quantity at
sleeves@t206museum.com for ordering. $$$

Most collectors prefer to add an extra layer of protection for storing their sportscards in soft sleeves before putting them in pockets binder pages, toploaders or cardsavers. However, standard size sleeves that available in North America are too large for vintage cards such as T-series, E-series and N-series size cards. If you are looking for smaller soft sleeves for storing your vintage cards then we have a good news for you.

In the beginning of this year, we found a supplier in Japan who manufacture clear polypropylene soft sleeves that are smaller than North America standard size sleeves. These smaller size sleeves are 2" X 3" in size and can nicely fit our vintage cards. They are archival safe, acid free and no PVC. Since these sleeves provide a better display to our T-series, E-series and N-series size cards and also for easier identification, we called these smaller size sleeves as "T.E.N. Size Sleeves"

"T.E.N. Size Sleeves" are only available in T206museum.com. They are now available for ordering. Our offering price is $4.5 per 100 or $20 per 500 sleeves. If you are interested, please email us your name, full address and quantity you are interested in at sleeves@t206museum.com. Please keep in mind that "T.E.N. Size Sleeves" has limited supply. We will take your order in first come first serve basis.

T.E.N. Size Sleeves fit the following vintage cards:
T-series: T205 T206 T207 T208 T209 T210 T211 T212 T213 T214 T215 T216 T217 T330
E-series: E90-1 E90-2 E90-3 E91 E92 E101 E93 E94 E97 E98 E95 E96 E99 E100 E102 E103 E104 E105 E106 E107
N-series: N28 N29 N162 N167 N172 N184 N284 N300 N301 N370 N403
C-series: C46

The followings are some of our happy customers said about T.E.N. Size Sleeves:

-- "I received my 2000 sleeves today. I love them!! My albums are a lot thinner now." (S. Perry - San Jose, CA)

-- "Hi, just a quick note to let you know I received the sleeves today...they are fantastic! Thank you very much." (P. Curley - Burnaby, British Columbia)

-- "..... Please respond soon, I'm getting excited. ..... I've been seeking for these sleeves in the past 34 years!" (V. Lengrand - Baltimore, MD)

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