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Do Not Attempt To Authenticate Any T206s. The Following Information Should Be Used As Reference ONLY.

Player Name and Team Name:

  • All genuine T206s are printed in solid, deep BROWN letters, not fuzzy dots. Reprints are printed in composition of color dots. You can clearly see the different under a high power (x10) magnifier.

    Border Line Around the Colored Photo:

  • Every genuine T206 cards, they are printed in solid black pinstripe separating the white border from the colored photo. Reprints show the line as a string of dark dots. You can see the different under a high power (x10) magnifier.

    Letter Size on Team Name and League Designation:

  • On a genuine example, the first letters on team name and league designation are in larger size than the rest of other letters. Reprints usually has one size on all letters.

    Back Advertisment:

  • There is no caption of any kind indicates it is a reprint. Stay away from any high value card which has back damages.

  • Honus Wagner -- Majority of them have Sweet Caporal 150 Series Factory 25 backing and a few of them are in Factory 30 backing. There are only two examples have Piedmont 150 Series Factory 25 advertisment.
  • Eddie Plank -- Can be found with Sweet Caporal advertisments with either 150 Series or 350 Series only. There are three examples known to have Piedmont 150 Series back.
  • Sherry Magie -- Only be found with Piedmont 150 Series Factory 25 advertisment.
  • Joe Doyle N.Y. Nat'l -- Only available with Piedmont 350 Series Factory 25 advertisment.

    If you're planning to purchase any high value T206 cards, DO NOT attempt to authenticate them yourself based on anything you've read here. They are only provided for educational purpose and make you familiarize with authenticate T206s. It is worthwhile to pay a third party authenticator to evaluate any expensive cards before you make any big purchase.


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