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The Daily Picayune - T206 Hindu Cigarette Advertisements

Written by T206museum (Sept. 2009)

Back in 1909, Hindu Cigarettes ran a quarter paper size advertisement on The Daily Picayune, a New Orleans newspaper, in August and September almost everyday. Hindu Cigarettes advertised their cigarettes have two pictures of "famous baseball players" with every box. These "famous baseball players" are now known as T206s. There are six major different designs showing two and up to seventeen different "famous baseball players" in their advertisements.

The following is one of the advertisement reads:

Two pictures of famous baseball players with
every box of
150 different lithographed pictures in the entire series. When you smoke
Hindu Cigarettes you get these interesting pictures and the greatest
cigarette quality ever offered for 5 cents.
These cigarettes have met with instant popular favor
because they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from any other
5 cent brand. Different because of their oval sharpe and
extra large size. Different because they have cork tips.
Different because of the superior quality of leaf used --
which is carefully selected, thoroughly ripened and
cured. The blend is full, mellow and satisfying --
sure to suit your taste.
Try them and see for yourself what
exceptional smoking value is now given
for little money. Sold everywhere.

If you have any Hindu cigarettes advertisements other than the six designs showing above, please contact f-a-q@t206museum.com

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