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T206 Orval Overall with Brown Lenox sold for $29,375

Robert Edward Auctions (May 8, 2011)

Graded EX 5 by PSA. Presented is an example of one of the rarest of all T206 advertising reverses: the Brown Lenox. Brown Lenox backs are one of the key rarities to any complete T206 advertising-back collection, far rarer even than Uzit or Drum backs. They are virtually nonexistent. The obverse of this card features Orval Overall of the Chicago Cubs (hand face level pose). The reverse is perfectly bright and clean, with a boldly printed Brown Lenox advertisement set against a striking off-white background. This is an extraordinary card that is worthy of the most advanced T206 or rare sample-card collection. There has always been great interest in rare T206 advertising backs, and in recent years we have seen more collectors assembling T206 back collections than ever before. The Brown Lenox back is one of the extreme rarities that keeps just about every collection from completion. The fact that the advertising reverse is so crisp and clean, and obviously brown in color (as opposed to black) makes this a particularly exceptional example to represent this almost-never-seen T206 advertising back, missing from virtually every T206 advertising-back collection.

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium: $29,375

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