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T206 Ty Cobb (Red Portrait) with Drum back sold for $28,048

Goodwin Auctions (July 28, 2011)

Elite T206 collectors are actively seeking T206 subjects with rare advertisement backs. With 16 different cigarette brands to choose from as well as a myriad of diverse "Series" counts and "Factory" distributions, it is a seemingly infinite quest to gather every possibly variation. For that reason, many enthusiasts may consolidate their search to advertisement variations for prominent Hall of Famers. Most elite T206 enthusiasts would agree that the five scarcest T206 cigarette backs include Brown Old Mill, Brown Lenox, Broadleaf 460, UZIT and Drum. Seldom surfacing in the hobby are Hall of Fame specimens carrying the cigarette advertisements of the aforementioned tobacco brands. With that in mind, featured here is one of the most extraordinary T206 subjects in the hobby, the majestic T206 Ty Cobb “red portrait” subject in a PSA 2 "MK" holder that includes the ultra-rare DRUM Cigarette advertisement back! If you are contemplating the unquestionable paucity level associated with this offering, consider the following population report data:

This is the SOLE Ty Cobb with a DRUM back graded by PSA for ANY of the four T206 Ty Cobb subjects. Only one other T206 DRUM Cobb has been encapsulated by a leading grading company, a single SGC "Authentic" specimen. Therefore, this remarkable offering is one of only two graded T206 DRUM Cobb’s in the hobby, and it reigns supreme as the highest graded example on the planet!

How tough is attaining any T206 specimen with a DRUM advertisement back, let alone one representing the immortal Ty Cobb? Currently, of the 130,100+ encapsulated T206's, approximately 66,600 have been categorized by their distinct cigarette advertisement backs (63,500 specimens reside in the "Unknown Advertisement" category). To date, the PSA "pop" charts lists only 73 examples with DRUM Cigarette backs which represents a virtually microscopic 0.1% of the 66,610 categorized T206's!

We cannot over emphasize the significance of this DRUM rarity that was only issued in the 350 series. Advanced enthusiasts take notice when a common T206 player includes the highly sought after DRUM Cigarette brand back, let alone an issue of one of baseball's five original Hall of Famers, and arguably, the greatest "5 tool" player in baseball history. Cobb's piercing Carl Horner portrait photo just may well be the most distinguished cardboard image associated with our illustrious hobby, and this particular pose doesn't disappoint with vibrant facial colored hues that provide an almost "3-D" effect. The vibrant "fire engine" red background is somewhat flawed by a diminutive horizontal surface scratch that extends from the left border directly to Cobb’s right ear. Fortunately, this blemish does not protrude into Cobb’s hallowed portrait pose. Relatively clean borders end at four rounded corners that provide an eye pleasing uniformity, and the image does favor the upper left edges. The critical reverse side "DRUM Cigarette" advertisement includes super clean "Factory #25, 2nd Dist. VA.", and "350 SUBJECTS" typography, with all of the text portrayed in bold and vivid plum purple print affixed to a moderately toned background. Accounting for the technical assessment "MK" qualifier are two "spec" like red ink dots situated beneath the "U" and "M" in "DRUM". Most T206 purists would agree that their extremely faint existence is rendered practically irrelevant considering the combined rarity factory and overall splendid aesthetics of this Cooperstown worthy marvel. In layman’s terms, "try and find another one"! While some of the hobby's esteemed collectors could possibly be securing a sparse number of raw Ty Cobb DRUM T206’s, we can only speak to the two most respected population reports in the hobby that indicate only a single other SGC "AUTHENTIC" specimen. It is almost unfathomable to think about the opportunity of owning a T206 Ty Cobb "red portrait" example that includes the ultra-rare DRUM Cigarette advertisement back, but courtesy of Goodwin & Company this elite T206 collector dream may actually become your most satisfying cardboard reality!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium: $28,048

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