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T206 Ty Cobb with Blank back sold for $15,655

Goodwin Auctions (Sept 22, 2011)

Aside from assembling 520 of the total 524 subjects, advanced collectors of the T206 set are seriously focusing on compiling many of the approximately 38-40 tobacco brand back combinations. Interestingly enough, one of the toughest T206 backs to obtain is a "blank back" version, with this odd variation included on many elite enthusiasts' "T206 Top Ten Rarity" list.

Over the past several years, we have been fortunate enough to provide collectors with a handful of opportunities to capture a "blank back" T206 type card, with each of those instances represented by a common player. Incredibly, it is our distinct pleasure to now offer an absolutely extraordinary TY COBB Red Portrait T206 "blank back" encapsulated in the customary SGC "Authentic" holder. Consider that this is one of only two SGC graded Ty Cobb "blank backs" (both red portraits) with PSA listing NONE on their census report!

The rare combination of Ty Cobb's iconic baseball status and this seldom seen "blank back" T206 should immediately arouse the attention of most advanced collectors. Any vintage card of the immortal "Georgia Peach" is worthy of the utmost prestige, let alone one of his scarcest T206 keepsakes.

Ty Cobb is, irrefutably, one of the greatest baseball players ever, justified by his incredible string of 12 batting titles in 13 seasons, .367 lifetime batting mark, and his 1936 Hall of Fame charter member status. His ultra-rare "blank back" offering is only the second copy we have ever come across. For collectors, the Ty Cobb "King of the Tobacco Smoking World" back subject is perceived as the most rare backs of Ty Cobb's red portrait (13 or 14 copies known). In actual fact, this blank back is much more scarce, with this being only the second copy we have ever come across (2 total known!).

Typical with "blank back" T206's, this example appears to have been hand cut due to a few uneven edges and received the technically appropriate "Authentic" assessment. Save the edging, the remaining technical attributes are easily consistent with a mid-grade specimen including an ominous Carl Horner portrait pose affixed to a virtually flawless bold red background. Near perfect centering, relatively clean borders and even corner wear complete a magnificent obverse side, with only a diminutive soiling spot situated on the otherwise clean blank back.

In recent years, rare Ty Cobb T206 backs have achieved extremely lofty price tags with the Ty Cobb tobacco advertisement card now a $100,000+ artifact. The prestige associated with the renowned "Ty Cobb King of the Tobacco Smoking World" card is well documented. However, with regards to scarcity this Ty Cobb Blank Back claims the title as undisputed winner. With that in mind, this just might be your final opportunity to capture one of Ty Cobb's scarcest T206 cards as well as one of his premier investment collectibles!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium: $15,655

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