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T206 Hindu Cigarettes on Factory Ledger Page sold for $8,833

Goodwin Auctions (Sept 22, 2011)

If you are one of the elite T206 enthusiasts in the hobby and are searching for the most nebulous tobacco related collectibles, look no further because this "unique" Circa 1909 HINDU Cigarettes SGC Encapsulated Factory#649 Ledger Page is one of the most extraordinary and significant finds in the hobby. This partially torn page was once included in the legendary HINDU Factory #649, 1st District of N.Y. ledger, with several notations made by one of the factory workers on both the front and back sides. More significantly, two HINDU T206 cards have been affixed (most likely via glue) to the obverse side, with the first card depicting Chicago Cub's star right handed hurler Ed Reulbach. Unfortunately the second Brown HINDU card has been neatly mounted face down alongside Reulback, preventing us from determining which player it represents. However, the front/back "side-by-side" duo is a fascinating aspect to this "one of a kind" offering. Both cards, save the adhesive mounting substance, present themselves in a near mint+ state with the bright image colors, bold and vivid text, clean surfaces, and corners still retaining a majority of their original HINDU factory issued qualities.

With regard to the reverse side notations, it is obvious that a standard factory worker was jotting some notes relating to shipping issues for the HINDU Cigarette boxes. Some of the notations read as follows:

    "1 (card) to each box 10 Cigarettes"
    "Began packing for other than Phila Territory 10/4/09"
    "Began Shipping for other than Phila Territory 11/3/09"
    "2 (cards) to each box of 10 Cigarettes"
    "Sweet Cap'l backs for Phila Territory"
    "Began packing 6/30/09"
    "Began shipping 7/9/09"

It is interesting to note that the "packing" for Sweet Caporal Cigarettes is mentioned near the latter part of the page with two cards designated per pack vs. only a single HINDU card to be inserted in the much scarcer HINDU boxes. However, it is common knowledge that Sweet Caporal "150 Subject" cigarettes were also issued from Factory#649, 1st District of N.Y. along with the much scarcer HINDU brand. This only serves as further justification that this extremely rare HINDU ledger page was, indeed, once included in a Factory#649 worker's ledger. We cannot overemphasize the sheer paucity level of this unprecedented find especially considering the current hobby frenzy relating to "T206 mania". Collectors are scrambling to capture the more obscure T206 backs and NO tobacco related T206 cardboard collectible could possibly be considered rarer than this "once in a lifetime" offering!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium: $8,833

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