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T206 Harry McIntyre Proof -- ("No Color in Sky" Variation)

There are two Harry McIntyre (Brooklyn) Proofs known to exist. One of them was just a "regular" proof similar to the issued T206 Harry McIntyre (Brooklyn) design but without name/team caption on the bottom. The other wasn't as "regular" since it didn't had full color in the sky.

This "No Color in Sky" variation was indicated in pencil on the card back as "No Color in SKY McINTYRE, BRKYN 218". Such hand writing was believed to be written by the original T206 image designer a hundred year ago. Obviously, there wasn't any solid prove for this but the same hand writing could be found in other T206 proofs that have variations from the issued design.

This McIntyre (Brooklyn) "No Color in Sky" Proof is now for sale.

Harry McIntyre
"No Color in Sky" Proof
Harry McIntyre
"Regular" Proof

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