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T206 Honus Wagner SGC-Auth sold for $198,850

Goodwin & Co. (Aug 24, 2012)

Tucked away for some 30 years, this extraordinary Wagner card was in hiding for "at-least" 10 years before PSA began grading cards in 1991, with their inaugural example being the iconic Gretzky/McNall PSA 8 T206 Wagner. As previously stated, this suffices as the 44th specimen listed on the COMBINED SGC and PSA "Pop" charts. True, three borders have been carefully removed, but more noteworthy is the fact that the timeless Carl Horner Wagner image has retained a majority of its original strikingly rich hues, complimented by the robust orange background that so effectively projects Wagner's hallowed pose. Equally vital is that unlike nearly all of the other "Authentic" copies, NO RESTORATION IS EVIDENT! This is a significant detail since many hobby "purists" refuse to associate themselves with a card that has been aesthetically improved via manual alterations such as re-coloring or the addition of required card stock. The Wagner stoic expression including vibrant facial hues, crystal clear clarity, and a bold "PITTSBURG" brown text across his period style jersey has not been victimized by artificial restoration with its superb visual appeal virtually outlasting "father time". While no obtrusive surface flaws are evident, there are a few light horizontal creases running through the center of the card, none of which significantly disturb the sanctified image. The "WAGNER, PITTSBURG" print situated on the one remaining border beneath his hallowed portrait pose is extremely bold, and the typical "SWEET CAPORAL CIGARETTES 150 SUBJECTS" verso advertisement exhibits robust red typography, affixed to a moderate off-white surface. Typically, most meticulous enthusiasts would forgo the notion of spending a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars or more on a card depicting three missing borders. However, when that compromised card represents the focal point of both the overall card market as well as the legendary T206 "Monster" set, the "right to own a copy" claims unbridled victory over the less noteworthy technical assessment. In retrospect, the T206 Wagner offered here represents so much more than the most highly coveted and esteemed baseball card subject. True, its unlimited investment potential even fascinates individuals NOT associated with our illustrious hobby, comparable to the stature of other hobby related icons such as fine art and rare coins. Yet, more imposing is its unwavering presence sufficing as a symbol of baseball treasure, effectively transcending the avid fan through a century of time. While Wagner certainly merits the unquestionable title as "baseball's all-time shortstop", his iconic image on this world-class offering goes far beyond his diamond achievements, with its immortal reverence serving as a magnificent transient to the origins of our National Pastime!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium: $198,850

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