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T206 George Merritt with Crawford ghost image SGC-Auth sold for $11,168

Goodwin & Co. (July 12, 2014)

T206 "Printing variations", "Freaks", "Oddities", "Anomalies", whatever you wish to call them, are red hot. The more odd they are/display, the better/more valuable the cards have become. While there has historically been a cult-type following for T206 printing anomalies, recent years have seen a tremendous interest in printing variations with numerous collectors clamoring to add unique pieces to their T206 collections. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough supply to satisfy the tremendous demand for such pieces. We don't need an advanced degree in economics to realize that as demand continues to grow and already limited supplies find their way into permanent collections, values will continue to swell. We at Goodwin and Company have had the pleasure of auctioning several very "odd" T206 Printing anomalies through the years. We now present you with this "Printing Anomaly" which is certainly without equal in the hobby. What a piece - George Merritt with a large and distinct "Ghost" image of Hall of Famer Sam Crawford's batting pose embedded into the card's obverse. We believe the card to be Printer's scrap, defined by the distinct hand cutting and slight color variation than that of the typical card that would have been put into circulation. With the addition of a very detailed and distinctive "ghost" image to the card, and that image being of a very popular Hall of Famer, what we're offering here is quite special. You'll need to be aggressive to add this T206 treasure to your chest!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium (20%): $11,168


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