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SCP Auctions (Nov 4, 2017)

The T206 Ty Cobb with “Ty Cobb” back has long been recognized as one of card collecting's greatest rarities. It is considerably rarer than the famous Honus Wagner card from the same set (approximately seventy T206 Honus Wagners are known to exist relative to approximately twenty-three Ty Cobb with "Ty Cobb" back examples). Prior to February 2016, there were about 15 of these great rarities known. The astonishing announcement in early March, 2016 of the discovery of a group of seven previously unknown examples, dubbed “The Lucky 7 Find”, electrified the hobby and brought this mystical Cobb issue into the national spotlight. Contrary to the conventional counter-balances of supply and demand, the nearly 50% population increase effected by “The Lucky 7 Find” saw prices for the cards rise sharply with better examples reaching unprecedented multiple six-figure and even seven-figure levels.

As the dust has settled on the “The Lucky 7 Find,” SCP Auctions is proud to unveil another previously unknown T206 Ty Cobb with “Ty Cobb” back. The offered example was discovered by a Georgia family while cleaning out their late father’s home. The card, along with several dozen other T206 and T205 cards, including a rare T206 Broadleaf 460 Elberfeld (see lots 465, 466, 472), was found in a matchbox tucked inside a sock drawer. Henceforth known as “The Matchbox Cobb,” the card features great color and centering. Its primary condition faults include light staining, imperfect registration and scattered light creasing. The all-important “Ty Cobb” back is boldly printed and presents very well for the cards technical grade of PR 1. For those of you who were not among the “Lucky 7” collectors who recently checked a “Ty Cobb” back off your wantlist, everyone deserves a second chance.


Periodical - The Lucky 7 Ty Cobb Backs Find

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