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T206 Eddie Plank Sweet Caporal 150/30 PSA-3 sold for $252,000

Heritage Auctions (July 19, 2019)

Like a schoolboy in fond imitation of his older brother, the T206 Plank hits all the same notes as the fabled Wagner, likewise troubling generations of collectors working to compile a complete set of this most beloved of tobacco issues. Theories for the scarcity of this card paying tribute to Connie Mack's superstar southpaw are identical to the Wagner tales, with aversion to tobacco advertisement and contractual stalemate with the American Tobacco Company the most commonly referenced causes. Recognized baseball card census figures find the populations of these two cards well within striking distance of one another.

Graded PSA VG 3. The proffered Plank exhibits corner rounding, light wrinkling on the obverse and some mild reverse surface soiling to suggest its age. His classic portrait remains clean, blemish-free and well-placed within its four borders. Of the seventy-four examples holstered within a PSA capsule, there are forty-six confirmed with Sweet Caporal brand backing. Only three have been confirmed of this player/brand/factory combination. With this Plank, one determined collector could clear one of the three toughest T206 hurdles laid by this classic set.

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