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T206 Mullaney (Southern League) Overprint Back With Cy Young and Old Mill (Brown) PSA-Auth sold for $19,120

Heritage Auctions (Aug 13, 2015)

"The" 1909-11 T206 Mullaney (Southern League) Overprint Back With Cy Young and Old Mill (Brown). In the world of T206 collecting, many have gravitated towards specialty cards. One of the areas of great interest lately is that of the mis-cuts, ghost images, double strikes, errors, wet sheet transfers, and the list goes on. When there is the rare instance of a double strike or some other kind of anomaly it is considered something special. One of the most popular ways of collecting T206 cards is the pursuit of Hall of Fame players. Specialists thrive on the scarce Southern League players and, of course, fuel the pandemonium over rare backs, be they a rare brand or color variation! That is why this card generates such fascination, as it combines all of those coveted quirks. This must be the holy grail of all misprints, ghost prints, manufacturer brands color variants all rolled into one.

The icing on the cake is that at least one or two print passes are upside down. Some have called it the Rosetta Stone of T206s. We aren't sure we would go that far, but is clearly the most unique T206 printing error known in the hobby today. This press sheet certainly paid for itself. Encapsulated SGC Authentic. The card features Jacksonville 1st Basemen Dominic Mullaney of the Southern League. The shows (in no particular order): Piedmont 350 Subjects - parts of four graphics/upside down; El Prince De Gales ad; El Prince De Gales ad/upside down; Old Mill - a distinctive and insanely rare Brown ink ad; Mullin/Throwing Yellow ink; Cy Young/Portrait - Upside down Single color plate. We could go on and on describing this card but please see our web site for an animation showing the progression of this fascinating card that explains it far more clearly than 1,000 words ever could.

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