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T206 Honus Wagner PSA-2 sold for $3,660,000

Goldin Auction (May 22, 2021)

Think about it. "The collection's got a Wagner." "He bought a Wagner." "T206 complete set? How's the Wagner?" The short-printed, legendary relic of the Pirates stalwart is magnetic in its presence. Instantly, its addition confers unequaled legitimacy upon the holdings of its new owner. So maddeningly few of the cards reside among us, their small number tweaking the hobby's frustrations while simultaneously igniting its passion.

Graded GD 2 by PSA. Hall of Famer. "Sweet Caporal - 150 Subjects/Factory No. 25" back. Offered here is a visually inspiring, properly authenticated and numerically graded specimen of this great rarity. Technically speaking, this compelling item – which was purchased by our consignor's father during the 1960s/70s for his personal collection – is in the correct holder, but that's only part of its story. No grade can adequately describe the magic inherent in the Wagner portrait's gaze (seen here with full clarity), or the holistic mystique of its overall appearance. Yes, there are faults, taking the form of spaced, horizontal creases, a small smudge or two, and the expected corner wear, but the item's intangibles are completely unbothered. Somehow, all of the piece's truly important features remain clear and attractive, and its Sweet Caporal reverse is legible in its dramatic, crimson-printed entirety. Other well-circulated copies of this fabled card have emerged in the hobby's past, and have received an equivalent numerical grade, but this Wagner is superior to virtually all of those challengers. Its surface faults' auspicious intervals have largely spared this T206's portrait area, its centering is admirable and its integrity of presentation is fabulous. Every card has its tales, and this one brings more to the table than most. Somehow, the past's cumulative traces only add to this wonderful collectible's wealth of personality. Here, waiting, is someone's future, prized possession, and it will be that person's own cherished, one-name treasure. Good condition.

Record-setting prices across the collecting industry spectrum can be expected to continue, with the T206 Honus Wagner card remaining at the head of the class – as has been the case for several generations. Most recently, a lesser Wagner example (SGC Authentic) fetched more than $2,500,000 in an auction event that closed in February, 2021.

Goldin Auctions – as the industry's established leader in sales of the most important vintage sports cards – is proud to present this distinguished paper heirloom. Although news accounts of our company's record-breaking, seven-figure prices realized for modern cards now occur on a monthly, or even weekly basis, our success in the vintage field remains as impressive as ever. Goldin Auctions' unmatched expertise in all cards, old and new, along with the hobby's best marketing and promotional capabilities, ensures the very best results!

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium (20%): $3,660,000

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