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T206 Eddie Plank PSA-3 sold for $158,400

Goldin Auction (May 22, 2021)

Graded VG 3 by PSA. Hall of Famer. "Sweet Caporal - 350 Subjects/Factory No. 30" back. Forever compared to the famed T206 Wagner in terms of rarity, the white-bordered tobacco insert card of Eddie Plank has long been regarded as the second-most valuable vintage baseball card in our hobby. Many theories have been advanced in the ongoing effort to explain its scarcity, but none has ever been proven. We do know that approximately the same number of Planks exist as Wagners, and that very few additional specimens of either treasure seem poised to surface.

The offered example delivers surprising, healthy quality in its blue-backgrounded portrait illustration. Its caption is clear and undisturbed, and centering (which favors the left-side aspect) leaves intact the viewer's overall impression of satisfaction. Although corners reflect evidence of handling befitting the item's grade, minor creases are peripheral in nature and do not impinge upon the warm gestalt of its aesthetic. This scarcer-backed version of the sought-after card (with a "Sweet Caporal - 350 subjects" advertisement adorning the reverse instead of the more-routine "150" variety) displays isolated and light spots of smudging consistent with past handling and storage. This enviable collectible has combined highly appealing visual elements with not-unattractive vestiges of circulation to provide a marvelous solution for an advanced, but currently Plank-less, T206 assembly. Very Good condition, with a central image that presents at a substantially higher level.

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium (20%): $158,400

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