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T206 Set Minus Honus Wagner & Joe Doyle Error sold for $303,232

Lelands Auctions (Jan 29, 2022)

We made a video for this complete set, please click the image above and watch the video. Thank you!!!

The greatest and most collected hobby set of all time, the 1909-1911 T206 Tobacco near set offered here is missing only the elusive Honus Wagner and Joe Doyle error rarities for completion. Coming in at 523 cards, this near set includes (3) PSA graded examples including: Ty Cobb-Red Portrait (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350-460 Back NM 7; Sherry Magee (Magie Error)-Piedmont 150 Back PR 1; Bill O'Hara-St Louis-Polar Bear Back PR 1; and (61) SGC graded examples including: Frank Baker (HOF)-Old Mill Back VG 3; Roger Bresnahan-W/ Bat (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Al Bridwell-Portrait No Cap-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; George Brown-Washington-Sweet Caporal 350 Back; Mordecai Brown-Chicago-(HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG-EX 4; Frank Chance-Batting (HOF)-Piedmont 350-460 Back EX 5; Frank Chance-Red Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG-EX 4; Ed Cicotte-Piedmont 150 Back EX-MT 6; Ty Cobb-Green Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back Authentic; Ty Cobb-Bat Off Shoulder (HOF)-Sweet Caporal350 Back VG 3; Ty Cobb-Bat On Shoulder (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back Authentic; Cad Coles-Old Mill Back EX-MT 6; Bill Dahlen-Brooklyn-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG 3; Ray Demmitt-St Louis-Polar Bear Back GD 2; Josh Devore-Piedmont 350-460 Back EX 5; Kid Elberfeld-Washington Portrait-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG 3; Roy Ellam-Piedmont 350 Back; Clark Griffith-Batting (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG-EX+ 4.5; J Ross Helm-Old Mill Back EX+ 5.5; Gordon Hickman-Old Mill Back EX-MT 6; Walter Johnson-Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back VG 3; Walter Johnson-Hands At Chest (HOF)-American Beauty 350 Back FR 1.5; Addie Joss-Pitching (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG 3; Willie Keeler-Portrait (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 150 Back EX 5; Willie Keeler-With Bat (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back; JF Kiernan-Old Mill Back NM 7; James Lafitte-Piedmont 350 Back EX 5; Nap Lajoie-With Bat (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG-EX 4; Nap Lajoie-Throwing (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back GD+ 2.5; Nap Lajoie-Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back VG 3; Perry Lipe-Old Mill Back VG-EX 4; Harry Lumley-Piedmont 150 Back EX-MT 6; Carl Lundgren-Kansas City-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Carl Lundgren-Chicago-Piedmont 150 Back VG 3; Christy Mathewson-White Cap (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 150 Back VG 3; Christy Mathewson-Dark Cap (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG-EX 4; Christy Mathewson-Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG-EX+ 4.5; Pat McCauley-Old Mill Back EX 5; John McGraw-Portrait No Cap (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back EX 5; Don Mullaney-Old Mill Back EX-MT 6; Al Orth-Old Mill Back VG-EX+ 4.5;William Otey-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Eddie Plank (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 150 Back Authentic; Ed Reagan-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Dutch Revelle-Old Mill Back EX-MT 6; Ike Rockenfeld-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Shag Shaughnessy-Old Mill Back VG-EX 4; Frank Smith-Chicago/Boston-Sweet Caporal 350-460 Back VG-EX 4; Fred Snodgrass (Nodgrass Error)-Batting-Piedmont 350 Back; Tris Speaker (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG+ 3.5; Jeff Sweeney-Piedmont 350 Back EX 5; Woodie Thornton-Piedmont 350 Back EX-MT 6; Joe Tinker-Bat On Shoulder (HOF)-Old Mill Back VG 3; Joe Tinker-Hands On Knees (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back EX 5; Joe Tinker-Bat Off Shoulder (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350-460 Back VG-EX 4; Juan Violat-Piedmont 350 Back VG-EX+ 4.5; Rube Waddell-Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back VG-EX 4; Foley White-Old Mill Back GD 2;Cy Young-Glove Shows (HOF)-Sweet Caporal 350 Back VG+ 3.5; Cy Young-Bare Hand Shows (HOF)-Piedmont 150 Back VG-EX 4; Cy Young-Portrait (HOF)-Piedmont 350 Back VG 3. The majority of the remaining cards have either Piedmont or Sweet Caporal backs with the following exceptions: (29) Old Mill; (6) Sovereign; (2) polar Bear; (2) El Principe de Gales; and (1) Tolstoi. Overall condition breakdown of the remaining cards is 10% GD; 30% VG; 45% VG-EX; 10% EX; 5% EX-MT.

Note: This set contains (523) cards, including the Fred "Nodgrass" error. The only cards missing are the Joe Doyle error and Honus Wagner.

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium (20%): $303,232

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