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T206 Honus Wagner Sweet Caporal PSA-Auth sold for $1,528,066

Robert Edward Auctions (April 25, 2022)

1909-1911 T206 White Border Honus Wagner

Presented is one of the precious few copies of the most famous baseball card printed, one that needs zero introduction: the T206 Honus Wagner.

Robert Edward Auctions is incredibly pleased to offer this T206 Wagner example. Initially brought to market in the summer of 2012, the card was won by the founder of Collectors Universe and legendary collector David Hall for $198,850. At some point during his ownership of the card, the card was crossed from an SGC holder to a PSA holder (presumably from the onset as PSA is a division of Collectors Universe), where it remained a crown jewel of the David Hall Collection, one of the finest T206 collections ever amassed. In September 2019, the card was back at auction, where it was purchased for $540,000 by our consignor, whose collection it has resided in ever since.

Undoubtedly there will be interest in this card’s background prior to 2012, as there are always a number of natural questions pertaining to any T206 Wagner considering the legend behind the card and its place in American folklore: How and where was it discovered? By whom? When was it introduced to the hobby? In this specific card's case, when was it altered? Who did it? Why? After extensive research, those remain questions we cannot answer. A befuddling, beautiful mystery. Undoubtedly fitting for this card.

The Card: This T206 Honus Wagner has brilliant colors, a bright orange background, and a crisp, central image. The Sweet Caporal advertising reverse is boldly printed and displays a few patches of surface wear, though none affect the text. Encapsulated as Authentic by PSA, the card is missing its trademark white borders on the top, left, and right edges. The important and iconic “Wagner, Pittsburg" nameplate remains, however. Though two creases run through the lower part of Wagner's face, they do little to detract from the portrait's overall attractiveness.

While nobody will ever confuse this for one of the more highly graded T206 Wagners, the visual appeal is undoubtedly strong. With so many Wagner cards coming in at the lowest levels of the grading scale, collectors have sought out and rewarded examples with the strongest eye appeal. The offered card boldly checks the eye appeal box. From a color and registration standpoint, this card compares favorably with the finest T206 Wagner specimens. The colors are bright, fresh, and bold. The image of Wagner, whose face sits expressionless, is essentially perfect.

Having offered a number of T206 Wagners in the past, including the one that sits on the throne of the most valuable card ever sold at public auction (REA sold the record-breaking SGC 3 Wagner for $6,606,296 in August 2021), we are well aware how desirable this card is in any condition. One market trend is clear: The T206 Wagner card, even in the lowest grades, has always continued to climb in value over time. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that lower-grade Wagners have appreciated at a faster rate than higher-grade examples. Recent public sales of a PSA 1 for $1,425,800 in October 2020 and an SGC Authentic for $2,520,000 in February 2021 are two examples of that. There has always been an extremely strong demand for low-grade Wagners. We are confident this auction cycle will further solidify that trend.

It is a tremendous honor for us to be chosen to present this card - the “holy grail” of not only baseball cards but of all sports collectibles. Opening Bid $100,000.

Final Bid with Buyer's Premium (20%): $1,528,066


Periodical - T206 Honus Wagner Sweet Caporal 150/30 PSA-Auth sold for $540,000

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