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PSA-1 Wagner sold for record price once again

Written by T206museum (January, 2002)

A PSA-1 T206 Honus Wagner with Sweet Caporal back (Lot #1) sold for $78,144 in December 2001 MastroNet Auction. This final bid set a record price for a PSA-1 Wagner ever sold. The next highest price for a PSA-1 T206 Honus Wagner was from Goodwin & Co. Auction that sold for $70,400 backed in November 2000.

Before this $78,144 Wagner available, the last PSA graded Wagner was from Robert Edward Auction backed in March 2001. That Wagner was also graded as PSA-1 and only sold for $50,935.

In November 2001, MastroNet Auction had an ungraded T206 Piedmont back Wagner available. By comparing the final bids of the Piedmont Wagner with the $78,144 Wagner. The ungraded Piedmont Wagner was sold for a "bargain" price of $86,730 and the price difference was only $8,586. As most of you know, such ungraded Piedmont Wagner perhaps the second known specimen having a Piedmont back besides the famous PSA-8 Gretzky/Gidwitz Wagner that was sold in 2000 to Brian Seigel for $1.265 million. And both Piedmont Wagner definitely have more significant roles to the history of T206 than the rest of Sweet Caporal Wagner. However, it seems like their final bids do not reflect this.


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