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Collector Alert: NOT Legitimate T206 Color Variations

Written by T206museum (June 6, 2009)

T206s shown below are NOT legitimate color variations. A few years ago, someone found an album or scrap book loaded with T206s, cards were soaked out from the album and they all have different severities of back damages and discolorations on their front and back. The chemical/material that was used as "glue" somehow bleed thru the cardboard and bleached out some colors and "created" those variations. Those bleached out "variations" have unusual look and can easily be identified. The founder of those cards sold them on eBay and quickly absorbed by collectors who thought they were legitimate variations at that time.

These "variations" can still be found on eBay once a while eBay auction - June 2009 and public auction 2009 Robert Edward Auctions - Lot#231

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