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T206 Murray (Murr'y) variation sold for $8813

Robert Edward Auctions (April 29, 2007)

Robert Edward Auctions sold a T206 Red Murray (Murr'y) variation for $8813 in the April 2007 auction.

The following was the auction description:

Graded VG/EX 50 by SGC. Extremely rare example of the 1909-1911 T206 White Border "Murr'y" printing variation of Red Murray, New York. This is the rarest of all T206 caption variations, far rarer than the more well-known "Nodgrass" variation, and possibly even rarer than the legendary Doyle New York Natl. variation, though not as well known. We believe that fewer than five T206 "Murr'y" variations are known to exist. As collectors have become more sophisticated, there has been a growing appreciation for all great rarities associated with the landmark T206 set, including a few extreme rarities that were not even known to exist until recent years. The "Murr'y" variation card is a legitimate variation error card that has been checklisted only during the past ten years. Some collectors are quick to dismiss this variation, as well as the highly valued Doyle card, because the nature of the variation is subtle. The Doyle variation is certainly more dramatic than "Murr'y" but the fact is that both are legitimate variations. The "Murr'y" variation error card is defined by the missing "a" from "Murray" on the card's caption. (The apostrophe is actually the only remaining remnant of the "A" in "MURRAY.") This caption variation was apparently caused by a printing plate defect affecting only a very limited print run. The "Murr'y" variation card was previously only known to exist with a Lennox back (to the best of our knowledge). This newly discovered example is especially noteworthy as this card features a Tolstoi ad on the back, and thus confirms that the rare Murr'y variation does not exist only with one unique advertising reverse. This is a magnificent example of this extreme T206 rarity. In the future we have no idea if the "Murr'y" card will be considered an obscure footnote to the T206 set or celebrated as one of the T206 set's most valuable rarities. It is, without question, one of the T206 set's rarest variations, and one that is a worthy and significant addition to any complete T206 collection. The card is perfectly centered, with even wear at the corners, a bold blue background, and virtually flawless registration. Because of its extreme and virtually unrivalled rarity, there is no consensus on the value of this card. We are confident the auction process will provide clarity.


Variations - T206 Red MURRAY "MURR'Y" portrait pose

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