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Printing Errors Lots Sold For Thousand Dollars

Sotheby's with SCP Auctions (September 13, 2007)


1) Doyle(NY Nat'l w/bat)-Normal Sweet Caporal back but front missing blue, green and red color. VG. 2) Shaw(StL)-Black & white image of Shaw overprinted on back. VG. 3) Gandil-Tolstoi back overprinted with image of Willis(w/bat) and upside down off center Piedmont back. P. 4) Ganzel-Double struck R on cap. EX. 5) Dooin-Yellow and green background. Correct version with green background included. G. 6) Doolan(Batting)-Blank back. Hand cut. 7) Lobert-No name on card(Off center to bottom w/no name at top). F-G. 8) Ganzel-Name at top. VG. 9) Hayden-Name at both top and bottom. VG+. 10) Turner-Name at bottom with name Lobert, Cincinnati at top. VG. 11) Knight(Portrait)-About 1/3 of bottom at top, both front and back. EX. 12) Steinfeldt(Portrait)-Blue color for collar across face with blue color for anothers cap at bottom. G. 13) Mitchell(Toronto)-Brown background. Correct version with red background also included. 14) Sweeney(Bos)-Miscut back with some coloring off on front.

Final Bid with Buyer Premium: $5,067

Lot 162, 1909-11 T206 GROUP OF 40 PRINTING ERRORS

1) Partial names at top on front (29)- Abbaticchio(Brown sleeves), Ames(Hands over head), Atz, Ball(Cle), Bergen(Catch), Bliss, Burns(2), Camnitz(Arms at side), Campbell, Chance(Port, yellow), Crandall(Port, cap), Doyle(NY, w/bat), Elberfeld((NY), Guiheen, Hoblitzell, Hummel, Knabe, Latham, Manning(Bat), McCormick(2), McGann, Needham, Pastorius, Randall, "Happy" Smith, Stahl(Glove), Tenney. Overall mostly VG. 2) Blank backs (4)- McQuillan(Bat), Sweeney(NY), Wagner(Bat on right shoulder), Willetts. All Hand cut. 3) Miscut backs (1)- Carrigan. 4) Out of focus fronts (4)- Clancy, Durham, Scott, Willetts. 5) Miscut front (1)- Unglaub. 6) Angle cut (1)- Slagle.

Final Bid with Buyer Premium: $2,202

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