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T206 Drum Back collection sold by Hunt Auctions

Hunt Auctions (November 10, 2007)

Hunt Auctions recently sold 27 Drum backs in 6 different lots including a Ty Cobb. Unfortunately, all of the cards have been slightly trimmed along the top edge but have been encapsulated by SGC with Authentic grade.

Lot 646. Ty Cobb: -- $4,888
Lot 647. Burch, Carr, Dineen, Arelanes, Barry, Becker: -- $3,910
Lot 648. McQuillan, Nattress, Davidson, Manning, Starr, Overall: -- $2,760
Lot 649. Fiene, Nichols, Unglaub, Zimmerman, Abstein, Batch: -- $1,955
Lot 650. Willis, Chance, Crawford: -- $1,840
Lot 651. Delahanty, D.Murphy, Mitchell, Strang, Slagle: -- $3,220

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