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T206 Tubby Spencer No RED Variations sold for $2468

Huggins & Scott Auctions (April 3, 2008)

Lot 984, (2) 1909 T206 Tubby Spencer Cards with Color Variations

Presented is a recently discovered 1909 T206 Tubby Spencer "missing magenta colors" variation. The scarcer of the two offered cards has been evaluated a VG 3 by Global Authentication and reveals even corner wear and a clean back. The more common version with the team designation across Spencerís chest is raw and grades in the (FR-GD) range. Both cards have a Piedmont 150 reverse. This more difficult Spencer is missing the magenta lettering across the chest and cap. To date, very few examples of this antiquity have been reported. When similar color variations are found, the optimum collector interest usually translates to substantial sale prices. Due to the nature of T206 scarcities like the Spencer, once this variant is cataloged, the sky is truly the limit.

Final Bid with Buyer Premium: $2,468

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