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T206 Multi-Brands Overprint back sold for $9750

Written by T206museum.com (July 9, 2008)

An interesting T206 Dom Mullaney with Multi-Brands Overprint back sold for $9750 on eBay. The card has a regular Dom Mullaney front with an upside down 4-in-1 Piedmont miscut back. On the back of the card, it also has two El Principe de Gales back overprints (one regular and one upside down miscut) and a brown Old Mill Southern League back overprint. In addition to that, it has an upside down black image of Cy Young portrait overprint on the back.

The following was the details of how the seller obtain this interesting card:

"This card was one of about 180 purchased in a shoebox from a nostalgia type store on Ascan Avenue in Queens, NY named Little Nemo's back in the early 1970s. The store had just purchased them from original owner's family. The collection was fairly typical for what a boy growing up in New York area would have collected back in 1911, weighted towards Hall of Famers (three Cobbs, at least five McGraw, several Matty, quite a few New York Giants in the group) all in Gd to Ex condition with a few lower grade, no reverse stock loss on any, and nothing out of the ordinary but for this one. It looked like a normal kid's collection of baseball cards, much like the Topps cards I had collected in the 1960s. This card was probably obtained by that child back in 1911 the same way kids obtained their cards for generations, by trading, flipping, or straight out of the pack."


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