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"T206 Collection - The Players & Their Stories" coffee table book available in April 2010

T206players.com (Jan 28, 2010)

Peter Randall Publishing is pleased to announce that Tom and Ellen Zappala of ATS Communications along with Joe Orlando of PSA (Professional Sports Authtenicators) and baseball writer Lou Blasi have authored a beautiful hard cover coffee table reference book entitled The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories. This book deals with the human side of the players stories, personal and professional stats as well as how each one contributed to the evolution of our National Pastime. Some were college boys, and some were uneducated. They were dentists, bankers, and business owners. Some were in Vaudeville, and some worked on the family farm. They all shared one common thread however…the game of baseball. Many of today's rules are a direct result of the antics of some of these players. Substance abuse, salary disputes and bad decisions also affected a percentage of these players. In the end though, they shaped the game of baseball. The Hall of Famers, The Commons, the Minor Leaguers, the Uncommons, and the Bad Boys of Baseball. These are the men of the T206 Collection. The last chapter written by Orlando ties in the grading aspect and card values of this storied set. It is very interesting to see that a Ray Demmitt card for instance is quite valuable, but Ray Demmitt himself was only a very marginal ballplayer. Ginger Beaumont on the hand was quite a player. Many people however have long since forgotten him. This book brings it all back.

A little piece of baseball history can be found in the narratives of each player in the T206 collection.
- What player had the distinction of hitting the first home run in the 20th century?
- Coaching boxes were introduced because of the antics of this third-base coach.
- This player is the only shortstop in MLB history to convert 2 unassisted triple plays in the same game.
- What player became successful in silent films?
- This pitcher's eyesight was so bad that his catchers painted their gloves white.
- Who was the very first batter in the history of the American League?
- This player was the inspiration for Bump Bailey, the player who died crashing through the fence in the film The Natural.
- This player/manager gave George Herman Ruth the nickname "Babe".

.... Coming Soon.... April 2010

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