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T206 Red MURRAY "MURR'Y" portrait pose

In T206 set, there are two poses of player Red Murray, Batting and Portrait. On the portrait pose, a few specimens on the market indicate a broken printing plate error on the player's name. The name on the front is supposed to read MURRAY N.Y. Nat'l, but instead reads as MURR'Y N.Y. Nat'l. Such variation is similar to those "Nodgrass" and "Shappe" variations. In this case, the "A" between "MURR" and "Y" was partially missing. It was caused by broken printing plate or the ink was blocked by some particles and the ink was unable to fully printed on the cardboard. In fact, the partial missing "A" appears as an ' (apostrophe) and that's why collectors refer to such a specimen as MURR'Y.

T206 MURR'Y variations can be found with Lenox black, Old Mill and Tolstoi back. There are less than 10 examples known to exist.

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