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T206 Fred Snodgrass "Nodgrass" batting pose

This page has been updated!! "Nodgrass" variation ONLY exist in batting pose.

While this card has never achieved the status of the famous "Doyle NL" variation, it is a very similar card in its own right. While it can only be speculation, it is thought that both of these rarities resulted from a broken printer's plate during the card's print run. In the case of the Snodgrass card, the "S" broke off of the printer's plate or was partially covered by something during printing. Judging by the rarity of the card, the printing mishap must have been immediately corrected with "NODGRASS" being quickly corrected back to "SNODGRASS". Only the smallest hint of the right hand side of the "S" can be seen. Otherwise the prining of the other letters is emtremely bold. The card of this solid NY Giant outfielder is very respectable and would fit into virtually any T206 set. There can be no doubt that this card represents a legitimate printing variation in its own right even though the price guides have never given the card its fair due. This example is one of just a handful known to exist.

"NODGRASS" specimens can only be found in batting pose and known to have Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs. The missing letter "S" can be found in different variations, but due to the modern doctoring skills that could even fool grading company, it would be safer to own "NODGRASS" with partial missing "S" than a complete missing "S" version since all complete missing "S" version are known to be altered specimens.


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