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Doctored Nodgrass Specimen found by experienced collector

Written by T206museum (November 11, 2000)

We have received a report from a long time T206 collector who previously purchased an ungraded catching pose of the Nodgrass variation on ebay. And later returned the card to the seller since he noticed it had been doctored.

According to the report from the collector, the specimen looks good with a 10X magnifer. But when held the card a foot away and tilted it slightly, he noticed the card has an unusual surface which has a shininess all over the card and NO t206 should be shiny anywhere. In addition, he noticed a dull spot in front of the "N" where the "S" was missing.

The collector believes such doctored specimen has been rejected by PSA. And such doctored specimen is the best he has seen in 32 years of collecting.

After the card returned to the seller, it was available on ebay again as ungraded.


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