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Trouble Identifying True Nodgrass Variations

Nodgrass (Catching Pose) DO NOT Exist

Written by T206museum (June, 2003)

We have received a number of reports from collectors who purchased graded and/or ungraded "Nodgrass" with complete missing "S" specimens and later found out they were in fact doctored upon closer inspection.

Based on a report from a collector who purchased such a doctored specimen, he noticed the specimen looks good with a 10X magnifer. But when held the card a foot away and tilted it slightly, he noticed the card has an unusual surface which has a shininess all over the card. In addition, he noticed a dull spot in front of the "N" where the "S" was missing.

Due to the high modern doctoring skills, third grading companies sometimes unable to detect doctored "Nodgrass". A number of illegitimate specimens were encapsulated and claimed as "authenticated". If you are a new collector on t206 variations, it would be wise to learn from collectors who have extensive knowledge on t206 oddities. Do not purchase graded "Nodgrass" just because the label says so. Those cards were graded by human and human do makes mistakes.

"NODGRASS" specimens can only be found in batting pose and known to have Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs. The missing portion of the letter "S" can be found in different extent, but it would be safe to say most "NODGRASS" with partial missing "S" are authentic as oppposed to complete missing "S" version. Since making a whole letter disappear is easier than making a partial letter missing and all known complete missing "S" version are known to be altered specimens.

"Nodgrass" catching pose was previously recognised as a legitimate variation. After some extensive researches and careful study of t206 printing process, those missing "S" specimens found in Snodgrass catching pose were determined to be illegitimated and doctored by the same dishonest seller. In conclusion, "NODGRASS" catching pose DO NOT exist.

If you own a Nodgrass catching pose, please email us at f-a-q@t206museum.com


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