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Mysterious of Slow Joe Doyle - Joe Doyle N. Y. with Missing Dot Variation

Written by T206museum (Aug. 2009)

Joe Doyle N. Y. with Missing Dot Variation

This is a continuation of the previous "Joe Doyle N. Y. with Remnant Mark Variation" article.

Besides the three Doyle variations that can "easily" be found by collectors. Showing above is the "4th variation" that missing partial Y and the last period.

The following are the four possible T206 Joe Doyle N.Y. variations that exist:
1st, Joe Doyle N.Y. (Regular)
2nd, Joe Doyle N.Y. Nat'l (Part of the Big 4 -- only 7 known to exist)
3rd, Joe Doyle N.Y. . ("with remnant mark" variation)
4th, Joe Doyle N.Y ("missing partial Y and missing dot" variation)

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