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Regular T206 Gus Dorner supposes to read DORNER, KANSAS CITY on the front, but instead this specimen reads as DOPNER, KANSAS CITY. This "Dopner" variation could be a mis-spell error similar to the MAGIE/MAGEE error but could also be similar to the flaw on printer's plate as "Shappe", "Nodgrass" and "Murr'y" variations.

There are three specimens known to exist so far and they all have Polar Bear backs. This one shown above have been evaluated by GAI and received an "Authentic" grade. If you have a similar "Dopner" variation, please contact f-a-q@t206museum.com

UPDATES (Dec 2008) -- A recent find of T205 & T206 collection in eastern Pennsylvania with nearly 400 total cards with all Polar Bear backs. There were three T206 Dorners and two were the "Dopner" variation. Both of them have been graded by BGS.


Periodicals -Recent Polar Bear Back Collection Find with Two T206 GUS DORNER "DOPNER" Variation

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