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Recent Polar Bear Back Collection Find with Two T206 GUS DORNER "DOPNER" Variation

A new variation of T206 Gus Dorner "Dopner" with Polar Bear back was found nearly two years ago. That particular specimen has been graded by GAI. A recent find of T205 & T206 Polar Bear back collection in Eastern Pennsylvania with nearly 400 total cards, there were three T206 Dorners and two were the "Dopner" variation.

BGS had graded both of new "Dopner" specimens and one of them as shown above. BGS had graded this particular specimen as Authentic Altered due to white paint were added on the lower border edge and right corner to cover corner wears and tobacco stains which commonly found in Polar Bear back. However, the name and team captions that shows the "Dopner" variation has not been altered.

If you have a similar "Dopner" variation, please contact f-a-q@t206museum.com


Variations -T206 GUS DORNER "DOPNER"

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