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-- T206 Gus Dorner "Dopner" Variation
-- GAI Authentic -- label indicates (P.B. "Dopner")
-- Polar Bear back

-- T206 Roy Brashear SGC-20
-- NNOF (No Name On Front)
-- Polar Bear back

-- T206 Frank Bowerman
-- Sweet Caporal 150 factory 30 back
-- "No B" Variation -- Bowerman

-- T206 Steve Evans
-- Missing "St. Louis" Variation
-- Piedmont 350 back

-- T206 Sherry Magie PSA-Authentic
-- Authentic grade due to erase mark on the front
-- Piedmont 150 back

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Periodicals -T206 Multi-Brands Overprint back sold for $9750
Periodicals -T206 Tubby Spencer No RED Variations sold for $2468
Periodicals -Printing Variations lot sold for $1970
Periodicals -Printing Errors Lots Sold For Thousand Dollars
Periodicals -Uncatalogued T206 Cy Young Printing Variation
Periodicals -New Variation Found -- Gus Dorner "Dopner"
Periodicals -T206 Murray (Murr'y) variation sold for $8813
Periodicals -Four T206 blank back ghost image cards sold for $3235
Periodicals -Group of three T206 errors sold for $9000
Periodicals -Eleven Ghost Overprints sold for $14K
Periodicals -Seven Ghost Overprints sold for $9048

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